NaPodPoMo: Lessons Learned & What’s Next

Well… November came and went and I released… 8 episodes. The goal was 30 so, I hit 26% or so. Truth be told, I’m feeling pretty good about that. I have started 2 other podcasts and never made it to episode 8 before. I learned a lot about just sitting down and hitting that big red record button. The “fear factor” of just getting started can be enough to scare off potential and even semi-pro podcasters. I also learned a bit about recording software and the pluses and minuses of the various tools that are available. I produced some episodes on a Chromebook and some on my Linux laptop using the free software tool, Audacity ( I used The Internet Archive ( to host my media files and I use WordPress ( to power my website. All of these tools work together well and make the production process very simple and straightforward. If someone came to me to talk about the technical side of starting a podcast, the tools I have used and the workflow I’ve created would be a good place to start.

So, do I want to continue to podcast? I do… but… I am not sure what form the GeekDadShow might take. I don’t have a ton of ideas for episodes, though I do keep a running list.  I have an idea for a different podcast, one that is very different from the “geeky” nature of the GeekDadShow. I don’t know what will come of that, but I’ll keep you all posted, for sure.

That’s all I have today. Thanks for reading. 


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