Episode 09 – Podcast Spotlight: Twisted Sisterds w/Becky Seville

NOTE: My chosen interview recording service failed me this episode. My recorded tracks had BAD audio drift so I had to manually cut and paste to make our voices line up. If it sounds a little hinky, that’s why! 😉

Welcome to our first Podcast Spotlight episode of National Podcast Post Month! Today I continue my conversation with Becky Seville, co-founder and co-host of the Twisted Sisterds podcast.

Episode Links:
* Twisted Sisterds Podcast
* Twisted Sisterds Instagram and Twitter feeds.
* Becky’s Top Three Episodes:
* Ep 44 with Hillary McBride I love how my thighs rub together
* Ep 31 with Jamie Lee Finch People are going to hate my answer
* Ep 13 The Easter Episode Renewal

Thanks to :
* Jennifer Navarrete of NaPodPoMo.org
* Internet Archive for hosting my show
* Theme Song “Vida (Funk mixdown) from the album Suite Samsara by lcze
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