Episode 02 – Who am I?

NOTE: The audio quality on this one is pretty bad. Sorry. It’s a learning experience, right?

Ep 02 – Who am I:
* norcalgeekdad
* sometime blogger and podcaster
* Link to the old geekdadshow: https://archive.org/details/@g33kdadshow
* Link to my short lived theology podcast: Amateur Theology Podcast
* Link to Hacker Public Radio: HPR
* geek!!!!!
* tech advocate / open source advocate
* exvangelical
* “spiritual not religious”

Thanks to :
* Jennifer Navarrete of NaPodPoMo.org
* Internet Archive for hosting my show
* Theme Song “Vida (Funk mixdown) from the album Suite Samsara by lcze
* Production and website by ChiRho Technology Services.

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