November is National Podcast Post Month. This is a movement that is modeled after Nation Novel Writers Month. NaNoWriMo was conceived of to give writers a form of peer pressure/ motivation/ community support to get the first draft of a novel done. The idea is you write every day during the 30 days of November and by Dec 1, you have a rough draft of your novel.

In 2007, Jennifer Navarrete adapted this to the podcasting community. National Podcast Post Month was born and encourages podcasters (or wannabe podcasters) to record and post an episode every day in November. This can be a great way to build confidence and really get down to business creating a podcast.

I have decided to participate this year and will be launching special episodes of The Geek Dad Show! on Nov. 1st. There will be a separate feed for this podcast and you can subscribe at

I hope you’ll check it out and feel free to reach out with questions or comments!