Hi! Welcome to NorCalGeekDad.com at the intersection of fatherhood and geek.

On this site you will find posts about parenting my cool, wacky, challenging kiddos; technology, movies, and other stuff I love; and random pictures of our family cats!

You will also find acceptance and love. This site is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folks and for people of all genders and gender expressions. We believe science Is real, no person is illegal, and Black Lives Matter. We also believe in the power of found family, so if your family doesn't accept you for who you are, we're your family now. You are wanted here.

You'll meet the whole gang: Shannon (wife, mom, 911 Dispatcher), Bug (first born, college kid, talented musician), Angelfish (only daughter, autistic, amazing), and Monkey (youngest, cuddle bug, video game fanatic); and the cats, Stormy and Ben Solo.

My name is Matty and I have been a full-time, stay-at-home Dad since 2010. I am chief cook, chauffeur, and house manager for our merry band. I want to share with you the stuff I know and the stuff I'm learning; everything from recipes, to technology and gear, to the highs and lows of parenting 3 very different kids! I hope you will find something here that resonates with you; that lets you know, you are not alone in this world.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm glad you're here!