SCaLE 17x – Southern California Linux Expo

It’s that time of year again! March 7-10, 2019 is the time and Pasadena, CA is the place for the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo! This will be my 5th year participating in SCaLE. I started going in 2015 and I worked in the booth for ownCloud! I developed a relationship with Jos Poortvliet (community manager) and Frank Karlitschek (founder) and they asked me back to work the booth in ’16 and ’17. In mid 2016, Frank forked the ownCloud project and left the company he founded. He started a new project called Nextcloud and continued development. Today, Nextcloud is deployed around the world in installations with 10’s of users up to 1,000,000’s of users. I have continued to use Nextcloud daily and support Frank and Jos with my time and resources as I am available.
Last year, 2018, Jos and Frank were unable to make the trip from Berlin to join us at SCaLE, so I decided to host a BoF (Birds of a Feather) talk about Nextcloud. It was my first time leading a group at SCaLE and despite some hiccups, it went quite well. Towards the end of 2018, I emailed Jos to see if they were planning to come to California this year. Frank will be here but, sadly, Jos cannot make the trip.
One of the best things about how SCaLE has grown as a conference is the addition of other community events to the schedule. The Ubuntu project began holding an Ubucon each year at SCaLE and many other projects hold annual meetings/conferences/sprints as a part of the overall event. This year, openSUSE is holding an openSUSE Summit on Friday the 8th. Jos submitted a talk to the oS Summit which was accepted, but as he is unable to attend, he has asked me to fill his shoes. I will be presenting a workshop on installing Nextcloud on openSUSE Leap 15. Audience participation will be essential as I will be walking through the installation and setup of the Nextcloud server component so everyone who participates will have a working install by the end (I HOPE!!) I am very excited (and a little terrified) to present at this year’s expo. If you are going to be there, I hope you will come by and say, “Hi”. Thanks, Matt (@norcalgeekdad)

NaPodPoMo: Lessons Learned & What’s Next

Well… November came and went and I released… 8 episodes. The goal was 30 so, I hit 26% or so. Truth be told, I’m feeling pretty good about that. I have started 2 other podcasts and never made it to episode 8 before. I learned a lot about just sitting down and hitting that big red record button. The “fear factor” of just getting started can be enough to scare off potential and even semi-pro podcasters. I also learned a bit about recording software and the pluses and minuses of the various tools that are available. I produced some episodes on a Chromebook and some on my Linux laptop using the free software tool, Audacity ( I used The Internet Archive ( to host my media files and I use WordPress ( to power my website. All of these tools work together well and make the production process very simple and straightforward. If someone came to me to talk about the technical side of starting a podcast, the tools I have used and the workflow I’ve created would be a good place to start.

So, do I want to continue to podcast? I do… but… I am not sure what form the GeekDadShow might take. I don’t have a ton of ideas for episodes, though I do keep a running list.  I have an idea for a different podcast, one that is very different from the “geeky” nature of the GeekDadShow. I don’t know what will come of that, but I’ll keep you all posted, for sure.

That’s all I have today. Thanks for reading. 



November is National Podcast Post Month. This is a movement that is modeled after Nation Novel Writers Month. NaNoWriMo was conceived of to give writers a form of peer pressure/ motivation/ community support to get the first draft of a novel done. The idea is you write every day during the 30 days of November and by Dec 1, you have a rough draft of your novel.

In 2007, Jennifer Navarrete adapted this to the podcasting community. National Podcast Post Month was born and encourages podcasters (or wannabe podcasters) to record and post an episode every day in November. This can be a great way to build confidence and really get down to business creating a podcast.

I have decided to participate this year and will be launching special episodes of The Geek Dad Show! on Nov. 1st. There will be a separate feed for this podcast and you can subscribe at

I hope you’ll check it out and feel free to reach out with questions or comments!


Intro / Relaunch

Hello! This is the first post for the relaunched!

I have decided to move my blog from Jekyll to WordPress. The main reason for this is to simplify my workflow. Without getting too far into the weeds, I will just say there are a few more steps to blogging with jekyll, and in an attempt to move all the barriers out of the way between me and posting, this seems like a good move. It may not be the most “technical” or “geeky”, but it is what it is. Heres to posting more often!!